An installation of more than forty pieces around the self-publishing of clandestine publications. The works presented can be seen in detail on two dates over the next month, by the artist himself.

‘Hidden Book’ is Aguirrezabala's sixth self-published book in the last five years and completes a trilogy on intellectual resistance in the former Eastern Bloc, which includes ‘Two Thousand Words’ (2021) and ‘Samizdat’ (2002).

Roberto Aguirrezabala takes a part at the festival with the project 'In Wartime' within the Talent Latent Open Call.

The award is organized within the Encontros da Imagem Festival in Braga, Portugal.

The artist's book ‘Egon Bondy's Samizdat’ has been awarded one of the four prizes awarded by the call.

Full video of the conference given by Roberto Aguirrezabala on October 16, 2021 (in Spanish).

‘Two Thousand words’ has been shortlisted at Les Rencontres de la Photographie D’Arles 2021, in the category of Author Book Award.

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