Entropy Exhibition

Bilbao Arte Foundation
MAY 2016

The exhibition is conceived as an installation of works which continuously seek connections among them so as to create a sustained reflection on moments of change which have marked European history. Aguirrezabala presents 22 pieces, created over the last year and with a clear multidisciplinary conviction. The large format photographic works coexist alongside modified objects, sculpture, drawings, calligraphy and installations.

Exhibition Details

Bilbao Arte Foundation (www.bilbaoarte.org)

From May 6 to 27, 2016

Catalog texts:
Jaime Cuenca
Roberto Aguirrezabala

Book of the exhibition:
See book edited by Bilbao Arte Foundation

Exhibition assembly:
Txente Arretxea
David Cantarero

More information:
See works from the first part of the Entropy series.
See works from the second part of the Entropy series.
Information about the exhibition on the Bilbao Arte website.