Lost I, 2009
Place I, 2009
Lost II, 2009
Place II, 2009
Lost III, 2010
Place III, 2010
Lost IV, 2010
Place IV, 2009
Lost V, 2009
Place V, 2010
Lost VI, 2009
Place VI, 2009
Lost VII, 2010
Place VII, 2009
Lost VIII, 2010
Place VIII, 2009
Lost IX, 2009
Place IX, 2010
Lost X, 2009
Place X, 2009
Lost XI, 2010
Place XI, 2010
Lost XII, 2009
Place XII, 2010

In the Fog

In the Fog is a photographic project which explores a voice-over narrative format by revising the duality of the fictional portrait and a modified landscape. Everything occurs beyond our field of vision, we cannot see the action. Fog is the atmospheric phenomenon, both in its natural and artificial form, which links all the pieces in the series. Apart from this fog, a violent early baroque light illuminates each character highlighting their postures and ironically giving grandeur to small everyday details.

Technical details

2009 – 2010

Bilbao Arte, Adclick y Roberto Aguirrezabala.

Number of works:
24 Photographs in diptychs (Lost and Place). In total there are 12 diptychs.

Lambda prints on Dibond framed in showcase.

167 x 125 cm. (Each photo).