Green rope, 2013
Red backpack, ribbons and carabiners, 2012
Crampons, red helmet and walking stick, 2012
Blue and red harness, nails, nuts, carabiners and white helmet, 2013
Orange helmet, harness and snow shovel, 2012
Blue Snowshoes, 2012
Red Snowshoes, 2012
Aluminum cup, stove, and carrying case, 2013
Expedition tent I, 2013
Expedition tent II, 2013
Ropes and carabiners, 2013


Scenography is a hybrid project which is located somewhere between documentary and fiction, between the performative and the narrative. The project encourages the viewer to reflect on the processes of making an image and to analyse the mechanisms we use to create one by means of an exploration of the marginal limits of representation itself.


Technical details

2012 – 2013

Roberto Aguirrezabala.

Number of works:
11 Photographs.